Stanford Splash!

My weekend was totally splashed by Stanford! On Friday, I had a writing class with Stanford professor Russell Berman, and we did a movie review on Casablanca. On Saturday and Sunday, I did the educational program Stanford Splash, which is taught by Stanford students and people knowledgeable aboout the subject. I took classes on biology, physics, and programming. In the programming class, I learned about Python. I found that Python can even be used to write out my skating programs! When I’m doing spins, I can’t help thinking about the following code:


>>> for x in range (1, 10):

print ‘Back Camel Revolution %d’ % (x);

Vincent at 2012 Spring Stanford Splash

Back Camel Revolution 1

Back Camel Revolution 2

Back Camel Revolution 3

Back Camel Revolution 4

Back Camel Revolution 5

Back Camel Revolution 6

Back Camel Revolution 7

Back Camel Revolution 8

Back Camel Revolution 9


It’s so much fun. Next year, I want to go again! Maybe I’ll end up being taught by Rachael Flatt!

By Vincent Zhou

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