Gardena Spring Trophy in Selva val Gardena, Italy

I won Gardena Spring Trophy in the Advanced Novice Boys category with a total score of 153.55 (SP 48.46 + FS 105.09). My international debut has been a success. The experience was wonderful! I felt very proud and honored on the podium when our national anthem was played.  I will miss the wonderful little town. (As well as the snowball fight we all had at midnight before the 3:00 am bus. And yes, am.) I slept so much on the way back that Tammy called me a “sleeping machine”!

Video for my short program:

Video for my free skate:


Val Gardena in snow

Selva val Gardena with rooftops blanketed in snow

The competition rink

The rink

My free skate photo 1

FS photo

My free skate photo 2

Another FS photo

My free skate photo 3

Yet another FS photo

My free skate photo 4

FS photo #4

The champions

Some of our champions with Carolina Kostner! (Left to right: Senior Ladies’ champion Valentina Marchei, me, Carolina Kostner, Junior Ladies’ champion Polina Edmunds, Junior Men’s champion Jordan Moeller, and Advanced Novice Girls’ champion Karen Chen)

Tammy taking pictures for me and Taichiro Yamakuma

Tammy taking a picture of me and silver medalist Taichiro Yamakuma

The cheering section for Team USA

Team USA’s cheering section

Vincent cheering for Team USA

Me cheering for USA (LOL!)

Vincent with coach Tammy Gambill

Me with Tammy

Vincent with coach Tammy Gambill and team leader Lindsey Weber

Me with Tammy and team leader Lindsey Weber

A trip to the Gondola

A picture at the top of the mountain. Photo courtesy of Icenetwork. (Back row: David Glynn, Kori Ade, Adam Rippon, Doug Williams, Lindsey Weber, Jordan Moeller, Tom Zakrajsek. Front row: Polina Edmunds, Karen Chen, me, Elaine Zayak, Jimmy Ma)

Vincent sitting on a throne made of snow. Photo courtesy of Icenetwork

Vincent sitting on a giant snow-covered sled in front of the official hotel. Photo courtesy of Icenetwork.

Go Team USA

The team breaks out laughing during pictures because of a funny comment. Photo courtesy of Icenetwork.

By Vincent Zhou

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