Connections Academy TV Ad


Vincent Zhou is featured in a Connections Academy TV commercial that is being aired nation wide. Here is a sample schedule for the Los Angelas TV market:


Law and Order SVU

Monday July 22, 8P – 9P & Monday August 5, 8P – 9P

Spot will air once during the programming

House MD

Tuesday, July 16, 9P – 10P

Spot will air once during programming


The Today Show

Weeks of 7/15, 7/22, and 7/29, 7A – 9A

Spot will air 3 times sometime during the week of broadcast (it may not run every day)

Fashion Star

Sunday, July 28th, 9P – 10P

Spot will run once during the programming

Here is the final version of the spot:


By Vincent Zhou

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