To My Fans and Supporters

Vincent with a genuine Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic torch in hand

Me with a genuine Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic torch in hand


I am sad to announce that I will take a break from skating to fix a previously unknown medical disadvantage with my knee I have had since birth that makes me more prone to injury. I will undergo surgery. This is a tough decision, but I will be more injury-free and worry-free by getting it taken care of right now.
I am sad that I may not have the chance at Boston 2014 in the Olympic year. However, the Olympic spirit is always inside me. I’ll come back and come back strong, like a broken bone that heals twice as well! I will fly high!
Vincent with Evan Lysacek in December 2008.

Me with Evan Lysacek at Toyota Sports Center in December 2008 when I had just landed my 2T and was  in Preliminary.  Evan Lysacek autographed my skates and took this picture with me. I have always been looking forward to one day competing with him among other great skaters.

By Vincent Zhou

12 comments on “To My Fans and Supporters

  1. 原来是这样,刚看到第一篇以为是赛场受伤,吓了一跳。在家休养的日子,妈妈又要辛苦了,别忘记好好感谢她。祝你早日恢复,期待看到你再创佳绩!

  2. Good Luck Vincent! Here’s to your quick and safe recovery! 🙂 Missed you this season! Are you going to compete in any of the Junior worlds in upcoming seasons?

      • I can’t wait to see you there!! Good luck!! Which JPG are you going to participate in? You’re an amazing skater Vincent. Please stay injury free and take care of yourself! You rock! 🙂

  3. Really miss you Vincent! Hope you get well soon and be healthy and strong.You’re always the best! I’m your big fan and hope to see you in Jr Worlds next year.Wish you all the best : )

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