Junior Grand Prix Japan



I set a personal best score of 226.39 at the Junior Grand Prix in Yokohama, Japan. My short program score of 80.53 is the highest score in ISU Junior Grand Prix history and third highest in international Junior men’s history. My free skate was rough because had just two weeks to properly train it, but I pushed through and skated about as well as I could have. I am proud of myself for finishing second and am happy for my friend and competitor Jun Hwan Cha! The people in Japan were so gracious and kind, the fans were amazing, and the atmosphere was euphoric. A big thank you goes out to my coach, Tammy Gambill; my teammates, who cheered me on; the competitors from all around the globe whom I had the honor of sharing the ice with; the volunteers and officials, the people that made this event happen; and the fans, who came to watch and appreciate my passion for skating. Everybody made this competition a truly unforgettable experience; Japan has been my favorite Junior Grand Prix in my two years of international competition.

Now it’s time to add more. More of what? Artistry, presentation, levels, and of course, quads…


My short program Writing’s On The Wall

Vincent Zhou USA Interview – JGP Yokohama



With my coach Tammy Gambill and teammate Gabrielle Noullet


Team USA at JGP Japan

Go Team USA!

Shin Yokohama Skating Center

Shin Yokohama Skating Center







At practice session with my coach Tammy Gambill

At practice session with my coach Tammy Gambill

With my Japanese fans

With my Japanese fans

With my Japanese fans

With my Japanese fans


By Vincent Zhou

2 comments on “Junior Grand Prix Japan

  1. Your performance in Yokohama was the greatest ! 🎉 
    I was very happy that I could see your great performance !
    I would like to say you Thank you Vince !!!!!!!!
    I am sure you will be a great skater more and more !

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