Vincent (front left) running with boys at his age group at Juana Run

Charity & Volunteering

  • 01/2005 Community Contribution Award By California State Assembly
  • 09/2014 Joined National Honors Society
  • 05/2014 5K run benefiting children with cancer
  • 07/2013 Reelected to All Year FSC Junior Board
  • 07/2013 An Evening On Ice Skating show to benefit US Ethletes Fiundation
  • 05/2013 Around The World show, Ice Town, Riverside
  • 05/2013 USFS AAC Athlete Gala
  • 02/2013 California Gold’s SkateFest fundraising exhibition
  • 12/2012 All Year FSC Junior Board Holiday Toy Drive and Adopt A Family gift giving
  • 08/2012 – 09/2012 Volunteered to be the ice monitor at skating competitions.
  • 06/2012 – 07/2012 Helped teaching the skating school at Icetown, Riverside.
  • 06/2012 Broadway on Ice Show
  • 04/2012 Volunteered to help seniors in need of care
  • 02/2012  Helped patroling Palo Alto’s Caltrain crossings with the Palo Alto Track Watch team in an effort to prevent teen suicide
  • 11/2011 – 12/2011 Organized a Teddy Bear Drive with Junior Men skater Philip Warren to donate toys to children in need
  • 07/2011 Volunteered to help teach the skating school at Ice Town in Riverside, CA
  • 06/2011 Performed at Toy Story Mania Skating Show to benefit the American Cancer Society
  • 05/2011 Participated in the Juana Run for Palo Alto Unified School District fundraising
  • 03/2011 Performed at Skaters Care Skating Show to help Japan recover from its huge earthquake and tsunami
  • 01/2011 Planting trees on Dish Hill at Stanford with the Palo Alto Green Team


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