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NBC & USOC Olympic Promotion shoot, West Hollywood, CA, April 28-29



3/2017 Vincent Zhpu, U.S. Silver Medalist, Wins World Junior Figure Skating Championship, Nick Zaccardi, NBC Sports

3/2017 Palo Alto Teen Becomes Ice Skating World Champion, Elliott Almond, The San Jose Mercury

3/2017 Zhou Dazzles To Capture World Junior Crown, International Skating Union, IceNetwork

9/2016 Zhou Takes Control of Men’s Event at JGP Estonia, Renee Felton, Icenetwork

9/2016 Vincent Zhou USA Interview – JGP Yokohama, Ted Barton, ISU JGP Commentator

7/2016  Zhou Returns to His Roots, Reunites with Gambill, Sarah S Brannen, IceNetwork

1/2016 Minnesota Morsels: Pierce, Zhou Hungary bound, Lynn Rutherford, IceNetwork

6/2015 Zhou on comeback trail after injury, academic break, Sarah. S Brannen , IceNetwork

9/2013 Teen Figure Skating Champion and Science Whiz Finds He Can Have it All, Cindy Reynolds, Orange Magazine

8/2013 A Coach’s Dream, Mimi Whetstone, Skating Magazine, August/September 2013 issue

8/20/2013 SKATING: Vincent Zhou’s first TV commercial, Jim Alexander, The Press-Enterprise

3/2013 Zhou Takes ‘Casablanca’ Program to Top of Podium, Troy Schwindt, Skating Magazine

2/2/2013 Gambill’s pupils young but talented, Jim Alexander, The Press-Enterprise

1/22/2013, Skate It Again, Zhou! 12-Year-Old Dominates Juniors, Lynn Rutherford, IceNetwork

1/22/2013, Vincent Zhou Takes Men’s Junior Title at 2013 US Nationals, Elvin Walker, Golden Skate

11/2012, S.T.A.R.S., again! Peter Zapalo, Skating Magazine

11/13/2012 Yong Skaters for Berth at nationals, Dorothy Knoell, Daily Herald

6/24/2012 U.S. Novice Champ Zhou Hungry For More, Elvin Walker, Golden Skate

5/18/2012 Zhou, Cain, Simpson honored with 3A award, IceNetwork

4/10/2012 Success On Ice and Online, Palo Alto Daily News

1/25/2012【語音版】披龍服報捷 周知方鎖定2018冬奧, World Journal

1/24/2012 Zhou Wins U.S. novice men’s title; breaks record, Elvin Walker, Golden Skate

1/23/2012 Palo Alto’s Vincent Zhou wins gold medal in men’s novice competition at U.S. Figure Skating championships, Elliott Ealmond, Mercury News

1/23/2012 Zhou cuts down men’s field in romp, Lynn Rutherford, IceNetwork

1/22/2012 Zippy Zhou rotates his way to novice men’s lead, Lynn Rutherford, IceNetwork

11/2011 S.T.A.R.S. Athlete Recognized for Combine Performance, Skating Magazine November 2011 Issue

07/11/2011 Inland: Virtual Schools Allowing Students to Study When They Want, The Press-Enterprise

03/14/2011 周知方 拚冬奥溜冰金牌, World Journal

03/11/2011 全美青少年花滑中级组扬威盐湖城 10岁周知方滑冰夺冠成新星, Singtao Daily

01/29/2011 For 10-Year-Old Rising Star Vincent Zhou, The Ice Is Right, San Jose Mercury News/Palo Alto Daily News

12/18/2010 Zhou Wins Free to Skate Intermediate Men’s Gold, Icenetwork

12/18/2010  Youngster Zhou Wins Intermediate Men’s Short, IceNetwork

12/15/2010 Figure Skating: Competitors No Stranger to Sacrifice The salt Lake Tribune

2 comments on “News & Events

  1. Dear Vincent,
    It seems like a long time since there has been news of you. As the new season gets underway, I (and I’m sure many others) would love to be able to look forward to seeing you skate again. I hope your recovery from surgery has been going well and that we will see you back on the ice soon. This must have been such a tough time for you. I’m very sorry about it all. Thankfully you have lots of time to make up lost ground. I wonder if you have been practicing mentally or choreograpihing while you’ve been unable to practice physically… Anyway, my very best wishes to you!!! Stay strong and overcome!

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