Vincent Zhou’s Profile


Name:                                   Vincent Zhou

Date of Birth:                        October 25, 2000

Height:                                  5’7”

Hometown:                           Palo Alto, California

Training Town:                     Colorado Springs, Colorado & Riverside, California

Skating Club:                       The Skating Club of San Francisco

Coach:                                 Tammy Gambill, Drew Meekins, Tom Zakrajsek

Choreographer:                    Drew Meekins

Agent:                                   David Baden, IMG

School:                                 Connections Academy

Competition Highlights

2017 World Junior Champion

2017 Bavarian Open Senior Men 1st Place

2017 U.S. National Senior Men Silver Medalist

2016 Junior Grand Prix Estonia Bronze Medalist

2016 Junior Grand Prix Japan Silver Medalist

2016 World Junior Championships 5th Place

2016 U.S. National Senior Men 8th Place

2015 Junior Grand Prix Final 4th Place

2016 Mid Western Sectional Senior Men 1st Place

2015 ISU Junior Grand Prix Austria Silver Medalist

2015 ISU Junior Grand Prix Slovakia Silver Medalist

2013 Gardena Spring Trophy Italy Novice Boys Gold Medalist

2013 U.S. National Junior Men Champion

2013 Pacific Coast Sectional Junior Men 1st Place

2013 Southwest Pacific Regional Junior Men 1st Place

2012 U.S. National Novice Men Champion

2012 Pacific Coast Sectional Novice Men  1st Place

2012 Central Pacific Regional Novice Men  1st Place

2011 U.S. Junior National Intermediate Men Champion

2011 Central Pacific Regional Intermediate Men 1st Place

2010 U.S. Junior National Juvenile Boys 5th Place

2010 Central Pacific Regional Juvenile Boys 1st Place

Personal Best: 263.03 (Senior Men), 258.11 (Junior Men)

Skating Achievements

  • 2017 World Junior Champion – a record setting 258.11 at 16 years 4 months old
  • 2017 U.S. National Senior Men silver medalist at 16 years 3 months old
  • 3 national titles for 3 different levels in 3 consecutive years
    • Youngest Junior Men national champion (205.26) at 12 years 3 months old.
    • Novice Men national champion (164.96) at 11 years 3 months old.
    • Youngest Intermediate Men national champion (104.12) at 10 years 1 month old.
  • 2015 Junior Grand Prix Final qualifier
  • Major skating awards
    • 2015-2016 Junior Grand Prix podium prize
    • 2013 – 2016 USFS Memorial Fund CSAP Award
    • 2012 USFS Cecilia Colledge Memorial Fund Award
    • 2012 USFS Alumni Athlete Ambassador Award overall winner
    • 2012 – 2013 and 2013 – 2014 Team USA grant
    • 2012 LA Open The John Van Valkenburg Most Outstanding Performance Award
    • 2012 SCICA Invitational Series Final Most Outstanding Performance Kennard Taylor Award
  • Youngest member in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 Team USA
  • Youngest competitor and youngest champion at 2012 Nationals
  • Youngest Senior Men competitor and medalist at U.S. Championships in the IJS history
  • Highest ranking Junior in the 2015-2016 Team USA
  • Landed Double Axel, Triple Salchow and Triple Toe Loop clean in competitions at the age of 9. Landed all non-Axel triple jumps clean in competitions at age 10.
  • Learned Double Axel and all non-Axel triple jumps within 1 ½ years despite many competitions and 3 months off the ice due to an injury.
  • Landed Triple Axel and Quadruple Salchow at the age of 14.
  • landed Quadruple Toe Loop, Quadraple Flip and Quadraple Lutz at the age of 15
  • Over 800 miles weekly commute between hometown and training town

Academic Achievements

  • 12th  grade for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honor Award
  • 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student
  • High Honor Roll Student
  • Weighted GPA: 4.16
  • Member of National Honor Society
  • 2016 Youth Outstanding Leadership Award fro California State Assembly
  • Connections Academy Most Outstanding Middle School Science Award
  • A member of Math & Science Academy (Speciality Academy at Connections Academy)
  • Winner of the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence

Media Coverage

Icenetwork, Sports Illustrated, Golden Skate, USFSA Skating Magazine, ISU Skating Magazine, U.S.News, Palo Alto Daily News, San Jose Mercury News, The Press-Enterprise, The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Daily Herald, Omaha World Herald, ABC, NBC, Singtao USA (Chinese), World Journal (Chinese), KTSF(Chinese), etc.

Social Media

Vincent Zhou’s Official Website

Vincent Zhou on Wikipedia

Vincent Zhou’s USFS Skaters’ Profile

Twitter ID: @govincentzhou

Instagram ID: govincentzhou

16 comments on “Profile

  1. hey vincent, ur RLY good at skating!!! wowzers!!!! when i looked at icenetwork and saw ur gold medal performance at nationals……omg i was like….WOW OMG!!!!! im a competitive skater too and i cud do clean 3 salchow and double axel… i started competitive skating late…when i was 10….. im 12 now…but i think its not too late to be good like you! ur my role model! ur like totally awesome…ur smart and ur good in skating!!!! wow….impressive….im in 7th grade too and i take 3 grades above math too….i take Geomtery 1 right now…but i bet ur smarter than me and u have the perfect package to the olympics some day!!!! keep up the great-mazing work vincent!!!! ILY!!!! GO VINCENT!!!

    • Hi Fern, thanks for your suggestion! Is the PA Daily Post the same as Palo Alto Daily News? If so, the Palo Alto Daily News is already mentioned in my profile under Media Coverage. If not, I will add it.

  2. Hi! I used to skate at Vallco in Cupertino, and I remember you there. I have a mutual friend and learned days ago of your success in figure skating. I watched a video on Youtube and WOW! your amazing. And you’re taking Geometry? Wow! unbelievable. see you at the olympics once you are age-eligible. 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine! Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging words! Are you the Jasmine who skated at Belmont every Saturday? Good luck to you for whatever you pursue!

  3. Hi Vincent! I can’t believe how good you are when you were 8. I skate at San Jose Shark’s Ice and Nazareth Ice Oasis. I saw you skate on Thanksgiving. You are so good. I wish I was as good as you. I’m sort of in a good math class. I’m near your age, my birthday’s on June 12, 2001. Anyway, I’m doing 8th grade math too. I am also in the honor roll. I still don’t see how you can do all that stuff at a very young age. I’ve been skating for almost 3 years and I’m working on my axel and on my pre-juvenile moves. Hope you do good in your next competition.

  4. Hi Vincent! It was very nice to meet you and your mother today. What an impressive young man you are! I hope we get to see you more at Halstrom in Anaheim Hills! Mrs. Arlotti

  5. We were excited to see your Connections commercial today! My daughter is 8 and is considering Connections so that she can up her hours on the ice (just got her Double Loop!). We’ve been following your skating career and LOVE to watch you skate! It takes more than talent to succeed – hard work, determination, self-motivation, sacrifice… I can see that you have that driven, hard-working personality and that it carries over into other areas of your life! Good for you! Good luck in all you do! Hope to see you skate in person some day! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I’d certainly recommend Connections Academy for its flexibility and ability to let students work at their own pace. Best luck to your daughter and thanks again for your encouraging words! 🙂

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