Competing for the United States at this level requires serious funding from corporations and individual sponsors. Both developing and elite skaters quickly outgrow family-financed training. Vincent continues to show a powerful promise as a representative for our United States. We invite you to Dare to Dream with Vincent and invest in the future of US figure skating. You may send a contribution directly to the New England Amateur Skating Foundation (and indicate Vincent Zhou as the recipient). Contributions to the foundation are tax deductible.

New England Amateur Skating Foundation
P.O. BOX 6881
Providence, RI. 02940
Phone: (401) 861-9266
Fax: (401) 861-3628

Email: neasf@hotmail.com

Please click here for the NEASF sponsor form.


Colledge Memorial Fund Award
Alumni Athlete Ambassador Award
Memorial Fund CSAP Award
Team USA Grant


Halstrom Academy Logo_CMYK_Bold1

Individual Sponsors


  • December 2015, Anonymous
  • November 2015, Anonymous
  • April 2014, Grace Wu, Alain Pinel realtor
  • December 2013, Anonymous
  • January 2013, Rolex Rao, President at Future Start Learning Center
  • November 2012, Zhong Shi,  Certified Financial Educator
  • August 2012, Anonymous

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